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Youth Political Culture

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A Complete Guide to All the Republicans Running for President in 2024

Republicans Are Trying to Crush the Youth Vote, But Students Won't Let Them

Who Are The Democrats Running for President in 2024?

Walkout 2 Learn: Florida Students Walk Out of School to Protest DeSantis Education Policies

Technical Job Openings Could Be Filled By Young People, First Lady Jill Biden Says

'Students Against Santos' Wants to See the Disgraced Congressman Expelled

How Students Are Reacting To TikTok Bans at Major Universities

Harry Styles and Everytown Partnership Gets Young People Involved in Gun Violence Activism

The Biden White House Is Trying to Reach Young Americans Via Listening Sessions, Social Media

Josh Shapiro’s Campaign for Pennsylvania Governor Got a Boost From Daughter Sophia

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2022 Midterms Shows Strong Support for Democrats, Abortion Rights

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2022 Midterms Delivered Key Wins for Democrats

Gen Z Candidates Raising Funds for 2022 Midterms Campaigns Are Defying Expectations


Birth Control Will Finally Be Sold Over the Counter. These Young Activists Pushed to Make It Happen.

100 Years Later, We Still Don’t Have an Equal Rights Amendment. This Generation’s Leaders Want to Change That.


In Tennessee, a New Generation of Activists Won’t Stop Calling Out the GOP’s Bullsh*t on Guns and Democracy


Emergency Contraception Vending Machines Are More Vital Than Ever on Campus, Students Say

Young Women and Girls in Florida Have a Message to Politicians: Leave Our Periods Alone


Becca Balint Never Imagined Herself In Congress

The Savvy Way Leaders Like Kamala Harris Are Appealing To Young Americans























Texas valedictorian who went viral for abortion rights speech says to use fear as motivation

“It just feels barbaric:” Young women in favor of abortion access express anger after SCOTUS ruling

Biden’s approval rating drops further with young Americans in new poll

White House is briefing social media creators on Russia and Ukraine

'Young Republicans might not be marching in the streets, but they are mobilizing': Gen Z Republicans express optimism ahead of midterms

Gen Z and millennial conservatives seek to recruit and mentor young, diverse candidates

Young progressives warn that Democrats could have a youth voter problem in 2022

Biden administration rolls out plan to address students’ mental health

Goodbye campaign buttons, hello NFTs: Democrats turn to internet phenomenon to raise money

Texans are leaving the state for abortions after Supreme Court ruling, Planned Parenthood clinics say

‘The future belongs to us’: NextGen America launches $32 million program to turn out young voters

‘Every day there’s irreparable harm’: Civic organizations sound alarms about impact of GOP-backed voting restrictions

‘I was coming to terms with dying’: Survivors of shootings give Supreme Court justices firsthand account of their experiences

‘My youth is a strength’: Members of Gen Z launch campaigns for Congress

For the crypto world, bipartisan infrastructure package brings a ‘political awakening’

Young people in West Virginia look to push Sen. Joe Manchin in hopes of passing federal voting rights legislation

‘This is no way to make policy’: Cryptocurrency advocates express frustration with bipartisan infrastructure language

Young people to Schumer: ‘Eliminate the filibuster to protect our future’

Biden calls on students to keep campuses ‘safe from a threat of abuse and assault as well’ as Covid-19

‘Angry and affected’: Young voters in Texas protest restrictive new voting laws

‘Tell all your TikTok buddies to get vaccinated:’ Fauci finds a new way to fight Covid-19

26th amendment, grating 18-year-olds the right to vote, marks its 50th anniversary

White House turns to young people for help convincing their peers to get vaccinated

From bagels to burritos, White House announces new incentives to boost youth vaccination

Young political leaders team up to support millennial and Gen Z Democrats ahead of 2022

Advocates call on Biden administration to prioritize youth mental health as experts warn of consequences

Thousands of young progressives say they want to run for office

Young leaders ask incoming Biden administration for a seat at the table

Middle schoolers send thank you notes to US Capitol workers

Survivors of school lockdowns say the Capitol trauma mirrors their daily reality

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